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ICEC Member Associations may seek ICEC accreditation of Cost Engineering, Quantity Surveying, and Project Management certification and continuing professional development programs (CPD), provided that these programs meet ICEC standards for recognition.

Persons qualified under any of these accredited programs are entitled to use the International Cost Engineering Council name and logo and the post-nominals ICECA to designate their achievement. This page outlines the conditions associated with these.

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Use of ICEC Name, Initials and Logo by Accredited Certification and Continuing Professional Development Programs and by Individuals


After approval of a program by ICEC, the member society issuing the certifications or CPD certificates may indicate on the certificates that the program has been accredited by ICEC and may also include the ICEC logo on the certificates.

As an example, certificates issued by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors include the words "The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors Continuing Professional Development program is Accredited by the International Cost Engineering Council." This is followed by the ICEC logo. Similar wording may be used on the certificates issued by any accredited program. Please note that the ICEC name and logo must be smaller in size than the name and logo of the member society.

Prior to issuing any certificates containing the ICEC name and/or logo, the member society should submit a copy of the proposed certificate to ICEC for review and approval.

Letterheads and business card

Persons holding a certificate which has received ICEC accreditation may include the ICEC logo and name on their business cards and letterheads provided that the sponsoring member society has submitted the proposed wording to ICEC for approval.

Care must be given to clearly show that the person holds a certificate issued by the member society, not by ICEC, and that ICEC has granted accreditation to the member society program, not to the individual. Also, wording must clearly show that the individual person is certified, not his/her business or company.

Suitable wording is of the form: "Name of person, Certified Cost Engineer (certified by AICE, accredited by ICEC)" or "Name of Person, Certified Cost Engineer (certified by the Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica, accredited by the International Cost Engineering Council). Another example is "Name of Person, CMP (certified by AFITEP, accredited by ICEC)." This wording may be in English or in the language of the country in which the certificate is issued, if other than English.

If the initials are spelled out, the words used should match the initials customarily used by the certifying member society. The ICEC logo may be used along with the wording provided that the logo is small in size.


Because the use of initials following names is a widely used practice in many countries to designate credentials, the ICEC Executive has authorized the use of initials to designate ICEC accreditation as shown in the following examples:

"MAICE CCE ICECA" meaning that the person is a member and holds a Certified Cost Engineer certificate issued by AICE and accredited by ICEC.

"MISM ICECA" meaning that the person is a member of the Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia which is an ICEC accredited CPD program.

"FAIQS ICECA" meaning that the person is a fellow of and holds a CPD certificate issued by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors which is ICEC accredited.

The important consideration in the use of the initials is that the ICECA (International Cost Engineering Council Accredited) follows the initials related to the membership and certification granted by the member society. The ICECA initials may not be used alone and may not appear at any other location in a list of credentials.

Fees and Renewal

The individual is not required to pay any fee to ICEC for the use of the ICEC designation. However the accredited member society is required to pay to ICEC a fee of US$2 per certified person per year. This fee is a part of the annual ICEC subscription payment.

The individual must be required to renew his/her certificate with the certifying member society at least once every three to five years by either producing evidence of significant efforts at continuing professional development or by submitting to reexamination of his/her credentials.

Also, the member society must reapply for ICEC accreditation at least once every five years. This requirement is to assure that the accredited program has not been modified in any way which might cause it to no longer meet ICEC standards of quality and acceptability.

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